Monday, June 6, 2016

Different type of schooling

When the topic of school comes up you hear a lot of things how the american education system is messed up, but is it really? And if it is what can we do to fix it and what type of schooling is better?

There are so many different types of schools and different ways to teach children. I'm going to (try to) inform you on some of them so that we can discuss which one you think is the best and which one we should use or if we should stay with the same system.

Here are the main three types of schools I'm going to inform you one
  • Public
  • Montessori / Charter
  • Magnet
Public School - A school supported by public funds that has to adhere to certain standards and codes
Montessori School - A system of education for young children that seeks to develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods.
Magnet School - A public school offering special instruction and programs not available elsewhere, designed to attract a more diverse student body from throughout a school district.

This video talks about and shows what Montessori is and what happens inside their classrooms.

This is a video about what magnet schools are about (start at 39 seconds)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Who owns our reality???????

Now I'm going to start answering some questions.

I think print media serves some purpose still but not much. It's nice to be able to hold and flip through the paper, and if you don't have access to electronic news sources this is where you can get your news. I don't think it serves a role anymore except for the role that every news source has, which is to provide news.

The danger of people picking only the news sources that interest them is that they might not be getting the whole story, they might just be getting a biased half story. That's not good because then people won't be as informed and they will be unable to make completely educated decisions.

The fact that government personnel can create their own media sources is scary, because then they will control what news gets out to the consumers and what their viewers see. Shown by this graph below Disney can control what all of its viewers see, so if Disney doesn't support something they don't have to air it or air things that are "anti-it" and everyone that watches Disney could be influenced.
Here's the link to the image. 

The likelihood that I subscribe to a newspaper source when I'm older is very unlikely. I will most likely get my news from online sources and multiple different ones instead of just the local papers. If I were to take out a subscription it would be either because I want to keep up on local news or I want to read some comics.

I think that being exposed to a variety of sources instead of just one helps you be more informed because you get different views on things and different sources might have better or new information. Like I said before, if a person only exposes them self to one news source they may not be getting all of the information that they want or need. I think you can stay well informed on new things by getting multiple different sources in multiple different ways, so get a local newspaper and go online to a big news company and then maybe listen to news podcasts. Whatever combination works best for you or keeps you the most informed. Here's an article of a different point of view saying how we should give up news completely.

The job of the reader in the digital age I think is to search out different sources of media and make sure that they are getting a variety of views so that they are better informed.

I don't think our democracy is in trouble when people stop reading traditional news, I actually think it's growing. Democracy is our right to choose, so by straying away from traditional news we might actually be getting more informed than if we had stayed reading it. This is a cool article about traditional and non-traditional news sources.

I'm bad at conclusions.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


I believe that satire is the most effective way to get news across to a wide variety of ages and interests because almost everyone understands / likes humor. Now that I said that I can start answering the questions. Also here's my favorite satire thing that I've ever seen.

I believe that traditional news is usually boring and (for me) I can't watch it for long periods of time. I think that traditional media should change to become more entertaining while still giving us the same amount of information. A lot more people would be informed if the news companies made an effort to be at least a little entertaining.

I think the reason that a lot of teens aren't interested in news is because news doesn't really evolve that often and become more modern, and you know us kids, we always want the newest technologies so we end up just playing the newest game (there's a reason news is associated with old people : /   ). If we do end up searching out news,we go to big name news sites and just see what's on the front page, and then we think we're informed. Which is probably why 66% say we get our news from the front page. Here's a link to an articles that talks about news consumption in millennials that I thought was cool.

I think satire news is much more effective than real news because it's entertaining, which tends to get the news across better according to that one study you showed us. Satire only works effectively if people KNOW that it's satire because if they tune in thinking it's a real news and they start making jokes about it, they will probably not be happy.

I think that every news source should adhere to ethic codes but they don't need to follow them so strictly. They should have the right intents when giving news, but if someone makes a mistake it shouldn't be the end of the world. Here's an article about journalists making mistakes.

I think satirical news is probably my favorite way to get news because it is wayyyyy more entertaining than normal news so I pay more attention and therefore am more informed.

thanks for reading this
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What my news says about me

When I think back on my ten days of Buzzfeed news its pretty fricken awesome. (LOVE BUZZFEED).

I think the main purpose of Buzzfeed is to provide entertaining and trending news, which they did in my 10 days. I don't really think that Buzzfeed has any biases, I think they may have some liberal views on things based on some of the things that they write but I'm not for sure on anything.
Here's their news page and it all looks like exciting and trending news, stuff that can get you to stop and look and it and maybe even click it.

I think that the point of news is to get information from all over to individual people so that they are informed on what is going on in this world. I think that the purpose of news is also the importance of news; news is important because people need to know what is going on in this world so that they can make informed and aware decisions on things. If people are not informed and aware when making decisions they are just leaving their fates up to destiny.

Here's my attitude towards news. I like news because it keeps me informed and up to date and keeps me on the Kahoot scoreboards ;)))))))). But at the same time, I don't really have a solid love or hate for news it's just something that's kind of there for me. News is a thing that I don't usually pay attention to so I can't really form an opinion of my love or hate for it since I don't use it that much.
Here's an article about media in the United states and some different topics and discussion stuff that's in here that I thought was cool to look at.

I would probably keep looking for news but only so that I could find news that is told in a interesting or new way, because that is the only way that I would keep looking out and watching news.

I think people should look for news wherever they want to look for news. I think they should choose a news platform that interests them and shows news how they would like to see it. For example, a conservative that hates to read should probably not get a newspaper that's written from a liberal view. News is ever - evolving so no matter what you like and what your views are there will be a news source somewhere for you.

Overall I think that this 10 days of news thing really broadened my perspective of news and also increased my appreciation for it. Before I only listened to news if it was there, I didn't actively seek it out. During and after this experiment though I started to look at way more news sources, and started to actively seek out news sources with different perspectives and ways at delivering the news. When I did that it's almost like observing a different culture because each news source has a different type of people that follow that source, so it's kind of cool to see.

Friday, April 1, 2016


Wow, Cece finally did a blog, weird.

Choice is something that consumes the life of almost everyone, what college am I going to? What am I going to do tonight? Should I actually do this blog? It's ever-present in our lives and most people take the choices that they do have for granted.

I believe every aspect of journalism is a choice from what story you're going to write to how you're going to write it and even the consumer will even decide to read it. Although journalism is a choice, I also believe that are options to choose from are limited by the news companies. News companies almost always show only tragic or "bad news" with the "good news" being farther down the page or just exempted completely, this can have an effect on what type or stories you read which in turn might effect your outlook on the world (kind of a big deal). Check out this news website and look at the main stories, most of them could be considered "bad news".

My choices about the news I read some-what affects my outlook on the world. When I'm looking through news (which doesn't really happen that often) I'd be much more likely to click on something tragic and dramatic than a heroic "feel good" article. I'm not really looking for news that often, the only time I'm really "looking" for news is on Friday's before the Kahoot, other than that the only news I receive is via Facebook. For those people that are friends with me on Facebook, they know that I usually only share videos of puppies and other cute things, and since Facebook is now limiting what I see from what I click on and share the only videos and stories I receive now are about "good news". Checkout my Facebook and you'll see what I'm talking about with how I only share "good news". In the end I think that I know that the news I click on is my choice, but it's also not since I only choose from what is already there for me to choose from instead of searching out my own news.

The world is obsessed with choice and everyone knows that if you make the "right" choices you will end up successful and if you make the "wrong" choices you will end up unsuccessful, but how are we supposed to tell the difference between the right and wrong choices. First of all I would like to address the fact that the possible consequences of our choice affect us so much more than the actual choice itself. For example, in a few short years I will have a choice of what college I would like to attend the choice itself isn't that hard at all but it's what will happen if I make the "wrong" choice that makes me and so many other high school students so stressed out. The only reason anyone in the high schools gets anything done is because the teachers and parents use "Appeal to Fear" on us, take a look at this extremely hilarious video I make in 8th grade about the appeal to fear. In reality the choices we make now will affect us but not probably not as much as we think they will. ANOTHER EXAMPLE it's drilled into us that if we do drugs our lives will go nowhere but, my uncle was a drug addict back in his teen years (I think it was meth but I'm not for sure on that) and now he has a high ranking job in NASA working on building the rockets they take into space. In the end I think that choices are different for everyone and we shouldn't get to caught up in them.

I hope this made as much sense to you as it did to me in my head, if not sorry.
I'm bad at conclusions.
I hope you had a gr8 spring break.
Adios kids.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Newspapers are going out of style, lets be real here. Newspapers are having a hard time keeping up and becoming modernized because the new "modern" is all electronical. It isn't a matter of having a new column or doing newer more fun stories, they have to change the entire business of newspaper they have to take the PAPER out of newsPAPER. Which is going to be difficult for them to accomplish but, it will be cool to see what they come up with.

"No news is good news" is a saying that many people have heard before, buy why does it exist? During our researching of the news we found that most news is in fact "bad news" and every once in a while there will be some good news. We as people tend to click on bad news more often than we click on good news, so to keep up with the demand of "bad news" news stories tend to be only bad news which just perpetuates the cycle of "bad news". I can't tell whether or not this is bad news that the only news we seem to be receiving is bad news but it'd be bad news if it was bad news.

I think that the job of a reporter is changing because at the beginning the only thing that they really had to know how to do was to write stories and now you have to be able to write stories, create videos, interview people well and do so many other things that make their job that much harder. I think it will continue to change forever as the trends in how we receive our news change. At the moment we are going digital, so all reporters have to know how to work websites and tools to create the digital stories etc. and later on the news might become holographic or programmed into your mind and then they will have to figure out how to work those devices too. The job of a journalist is ever-evolving.

I'm basing my ideas of the future on what sort of new technology is coming out and what news might be able to get in on, and I'm also basing my ideas of the future on what I as a consumer of news would like to see in the future so I  have a consumers input on the future technology.


Adios kids
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